Checking the optimal operation of the country’s electricity grid

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) is in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s state-owned power grid, controls the supply and demand of power by determining the power mix through the selection of power plants to put online (i.e., to signal power plants to produce power, as power plants will only produce power or feed their power to the transmission grid when directed by NGCP).

In order to control that all the electrical network of the country worked in optimal conditions, they developed a project in which they wanted to install Power Quality Analyzers in different points.

The project included supply, installation, testing and Commissioning of Fixed Power Quality Analyzers. Basic requirements were Power Quality Monitoring for 69KV Feeder and Class A certification.
Algodue Power Quality Analyzer PQM4000: was choosen for these reasons:

  • being one of the first devices in the market to get the Class A certification
  • because it met most of the client requirements
  • most of all because client needed to add some parameters and a personalized report and Algodue is specialist in product customization.

So Algodue Research & Development Department, thanks to the 30 years of experience in special customized solutions, worked together with the client to design and develop a personalized version that made instrument and software suitable to meet the client’s needs.
Finally 18 units of PQM4000 were installed and data is now being used for Analysis.

See the product’s technical sheet