Accounting for consumption for an outdoor event of a Municipality.

Municipalities often organize outdoor events where they supply electricity to various private companies that run these events.

This way, the municipality needs to bill these companies for their consumption.

In this case, the intention was to develop a project for a mobile installation when necessary: an electrical panel that could be installed at events such as concerts, amusement parks, etc…

In order to account for the consumption of each user, it was necessary to use electricity meters.

It was essential that the meters had the MID certification to be able to bill for consumption.

The Algodue 80A single-phase and three-phase energy meters

The Algodue 80A single-phase and three-phase energy meters were chosen for the following reasons:

  • because they are directly connected up to 80A; compared to most of the meters on the market that only reach 63A.
  • because they are very compact devices (4 DIN modules for the three-phase model and 2 DIN modules for the single-phase model). This was important because there is little space inside these mobile panels.
  • because Algodue energy meters offer different communication protocols possibilities.

In total, the project includes 16 three-phase UEM80 Ethernet and single-phase UEM80-2D Ethernet meters for each electrical cabinet. In this way it is possible to obtain the data for the totalization of the individual consumptions of each user.

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