Portable measurement solution

centro commerciale

An Italian company that designs, develops and produces innovative energy efficiency systems for production, commercial and residential sites (e.g. factories, shopping centres, hotels, etc.) needed to develop a portable measurement solution.

All its energy efficiency projects start with a week of measuring the trend of electrical parameters to understand the conditions of the network. To do this, there was a need for a portable instrument that could be installed during that week, connected to the server and able to download data.

The portable instruments on the market do not offer the possibility to connect to a server and download data remotely. In addition, these devices release files that are too heavy and difficult to manage.

For this reason, it was decided to look for a fixed network analyzer and adapt it to a portable solution. The UPM209RGW was chosen because:

  • it is easy and fast to install thanks to Rogowski’s coils
  • there’s the possibility of connecting it to the server via RS485 Modbus communication
  • the data obtained from the instrument is easily manageable
  • it allows to measure all the main parameters necessary for an effective analysis of consumption

15 pieces of UPM209RGW with Modbus RS485 communication have been purchased. Each instrument has been installed inside a case. Inside this case there were also the voltmetric cables and a socket for auxiliary power supply that also supplies the device that interfaces with the server and the modem.

This solution is installed for every project where there are important consumptions that need to be optimized. Information is obtained from the instrument during a week. After it is analyzed to understand the conditions of the network and proceed to install network filters for energy saving.

See the product’s technical sheet