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Algodue provides software for the remote management of its measuring instruments with communication. These softwares can be downloaded free of charge from the Algodue website. Among the functions of these softwares are:

  • set up of Algodue instruments
  • check the data of the measuring instruments in real time
  • download the recorded data if the product is equipped with memory
  • generate an analysis report according to EN 50160 (PQM only)
Modbus master UEM40-2C R, UEM40-2C R70, UEM80-2D R, UEM80-2D E, UEM80-4D E, UEM80-4D R, UEM63-4D R70, UEM1P5 R, UEM1P5 E, UEM6C R, UEM6C E, Communication module RS485 Modbus, Communication module LAN Gateway
Mbus master UEM40-2C M, UEM80-2D M, UEM80-4D M, UEM1P5 M, UEM6C M, Communication module M-Bus
Wintoolnet UPM209, UPM209RGW, UPM309, UPM309RGW
Modbus client UPA20, UPA30, UPA41 if combined with RS485 modules
Software PQMAnalyzer PQM3000, PQM4000
Software PQMtool PQM3000, PQM4000
Wintool UPT210, UPM304, UPM307, UPM315 and UPM3100


To complete its offer Algodue offers its customers a wide range of current transformers to be combined with all measuring instruments. The current transformers (C.T.) are used tor reducing the fine current to a secondary value of 5A or 1A. For applications on electronic cards we made C.T. having secondary values. All CT have DIN rail fixing. Types of Algodue Transformers:

  • Passing cable current transformers
  • Bus bar current transformers
  • Wound primary current transformers

Passing cable current transformers