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analizzatore di rete UPM209

There are many features that make the UPM209 an exceptionally versatile product. Let’s find out more about its many uses.

110VDC power supply

Do you need to install a network analyzer in a panel where there is a separate 110VDC power line? No problem! The UPM209 also works with 110VDC ±15% power supply.

Wiring mode 3.3.3

Need to measure an unbalanced three-phase load without neutral? The UPM209 now also has the 3.3.3 wiring mode: 3 phases, 3 wires, 3 currents

All the wiring possibilities of the UPM209:

And don’t forget all the other benefits of the UPM209:

  • Version for 1 or 5A CTVersion for direct connection up to 80A
  • Version with Rogowski coils. 4 available KITs: 30, 45, 70, 90 cm coil length
  • Main electrical parameters measured and displayed for a cost-effective consumption analysis
  • MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication by RS485 port or MODBUS TCP communication by Ethernet port
  • Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording

But there’s more! We also have the panel model available:

The main benefits of UPM309:

  • Ultra compact (39 mm depth)
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Version for CT 1/5A
  • Version with Rogowski coils
  • Accuracy class 0.5
  • Up to 8MB memory
  • Remote management
  • 110VDC power supply available