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Nuovo listino prezzi Algodue 2022

As of January 1st 2022 we will introduce a new price list that will be valid for both new and existing customers.

The increase in the Algodue price list is due to the severe global commodity crisis which has caused dramatic shortages of components and raw materials across the entire market, and which is not expected to be over until the end of Q2 2022. Shortages and allocation continue to have a major impact on both production and prices. We have postponed this decision as long as possible by taking on all extra costs received from our suppliers in 2021. While trying to minimise the impact on our customers, a minimal percentage increase on the price list has become necessary and we currently confirm that this is valid for the whole year 2022, except for situations that could arise as a result of unpredictable and extraordinary events beyond our reasonable control.

We kindly ask you to take note of this communication and to continuously cooperate with us in this difficult time, which represents the worst crisis in the history of the electronic components market.