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An appropriate quality of power is essential to ensure the proper functioning of plants, maintain the efficiency and productivity of machinery, and deliver a stable supply to multiple electrical consumers.

Harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, unbalance, and mains signalling are just some elements that need to be monitored and analyzed when it comes to power quality in order to detect events, anomalies, and network disturbances and plan targeted intervention.


What is our SOLUTION?
Class A Certified Power Quality Analyzer PQM4000

PQM4000 can monitor and record the main parameters to determine power quality through specific and accurate measurements.

Based on your needs, you can choose from 4 different versions:

parameters: voltage, current, power, unbalance, flicker, harmonics, interharmonics, and distortion, K-factor, signal voltages, energies. Basic version parameters + DMD and DMD MAX values and recording of DMD values. Basic version parameters + even and odd THD values (Total Harmonic Distortions) + total, even and odd TDD values (Total Demand Distortions). parameters of the Basic, DMD, and ENH versions.

Each version is available both on the model with CT input and with current clamps input.