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The industry is increasingly attentive to Power Quality:
the poor quality of electrical energy has an impact on the efficiency of systems, their availability, the quality of processing, the reliability of machinery, safety and running costs. Often the problems related to the power supply are difficult to detect, and there are many factors that affect the quality of energy.

That’s why the ultimate solution to your Power Quality problems is the PQM4000!!!

There are numerous BENEFITS that can be obtained using Algodue’s PQM4000:

Problem – Voltage instability

Solution – Continuous monitoring and recording of voltage variations for further analysis

Problem – Voltage events (sag, swell, interruptions)

Solution – capture and record such events with timestamp and duration with 10ms accuracy for further analysis

Problem – Harmonics

Solution – harmonic components and THD are measured and recorded by the PQM, events recording can be defined on THD to capture only those values which are higher than a threshold

Problem – Flicker

Solution – Measure and record parameters dedicated to Flicker such as Pst and Plt

Problem- Frequency variations

Solution – measure with 10mHz accuracy, capture and record out of range events, measure and record continuously in a log file

Download the full document “How the PQM4000 solves energy quality problems”.

Download the document