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Most power quality problems are not easy to recognise and can lead to shortened machine life, incorrect device functionality, loss of data and work, etc.

The best way to solve power quality problems is to measure, record and analyse all events with the PQM4000!!!

The plant to be analysed cannot be taken out of service?
A new model of the PQM4000 Class A Power Quality Analyzer is now available: the Clamp model for current clamps.
Using the PQM4000 in combination with current clamps avoids having to open the circuit to make the measurement.

The main BENEFITS of the PQM4000

  • Class A certification IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 ED.3
  • Class 0.2S accuracy in accordance with IEC/EN 62053-22
  • Assessment of power quality through measurement of harmonics, interharmonics, flicker, transients, etc.
  • Data logging for analysis according to EN 50160
  • Software to generate report according to EN 50160 provided free of charge
  • Simultaneous recording of events and Min/Med/Max values
  • Ethernet, RS485 and WIFI communication
  • E-mail alarms: (functional events, setup changes, fast voltage events, slow frequency events, digital input status changes and digital output alarms)

PQM4000 Clamp PLUS

  • PQM Clamp Linearisation Tool: ree software to load clamp linearisation tables into the instrument and improve overall accuracy.
  • Discover all the features of the PQM4000!