Current transformers (CT)

The current transformers (CT) are used to reducing the fine current to a secondary value of 5A or 1A.
For applications on electronic cards we made C.T. having secondary values:

  • in A.C. current, 50mA – 60mA – 100mA – 200mA
  • in A.C. voltage, 2V – 5V – 10V
  • in D.C. voltage, 10V

The CT are composed by iron cores at oriented grains and they can be toroidal or rectangular, the number of turns has been calculated according to the secondary current.
lnsulating between core and winding has been made by thermoplastic insulating materials.
Testing of technical features of our production is made singularly by S.I.T. certificated equipments.

  • Wound primary executions: for primary current low values or when it is necessary an high power with C.T. low dimensions.
  • Primary passing executions: for other primary current values.

All CT have DIN rail fixing.